Important Tips for Divorcing Parents

Important Tips for Divorcing Parents

Divorce is nearly always a complicated process, but it’s especially so when there are children in the picture. Below are some tips to consider if you are going through a divorce and worried about how you will continue to manage parenthood.

  • Know that co-parenting successfully is possible, and that if you’re willing to commit to it, you can still give your children a happy and healthy upbringing by working together.
  • The awkwardness surrounding communications with your former spouse may never go away, but you can at least minimize it by being as business-like as possible in the parenting of your children. Be organized, stick to appointments, have formal and courteous communication.
  • Be consistent with how you parent, and be willing to give your former spouse the benefit of the doubt in certain circumstances.
  • Never, ever use your children as messengers. This places them in a difficult situation between their two parents.
  • Place your children’s needs before your own, and always make sure they’re fed, rested and clean.
  • Be patient with your children when making transfers between parents, especially early on when the divorce is still fresh. Acknowledge their feelings and never make them feel as though they’re being overdramatic or that their feelings aren’t legitimate.
  • Try to keep as many familiar, consistent elements of your children’s lives present as possible.
  • When bringing new partners into the picture, introduce them very slowly and carefully. Be sensitive to the feelings your children may have about a new partner in your life.
  • Get support from friends, therapists and family when you need companionship. Don’t use your children in this regard — keep a healthy understanding of the parent-child relationship intact.

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