Income Withholding May Be an Option to Get Your Child Support

Under the federal Family Support Act, all states are required to have a system in place that allows for automatic withholding of a parent’s income to pay for child support, along with orders that combine child support and alimony. If you are having a difficult time receiving child support from your kids’ other parent, you may be able to seek income withholding as an option.

After a court issues a child support order, the custodial parent sends a copy of this order to the employer of the supporting parent. For every pay period, the employer will withhold a portion of the earnings and send them directly to the parent or the agency responsible for distributing child support payments.

For people who do not have wages, but do have income sources like pensions, retirement funds, unemployment compensation or any other types of benefits, courts may also have child support withheld. However, seeking withholdings from these sources can be somewhat more challenging than going through an employer.

Exceptions to income withholding

Income withholding is usually automatic, unless parties agree to an alternative arrangement. Custodial parents might agree not to send the order to the employer, as long as the supporting parent makes the payment by a certain time every month or pay period. Income withholding orders might also not be honored by Social Security or private pensions.

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