Is Your Marriage at Risk of Failing?

If you think your marriage is in trouble, you need to tackle the issue head on. Ignoring problems can make matters worse. Your health can suffer and you may put your future financial situation in jeopardy by not addressing the issues that are leading to a vast rift between you and your partner. Try counseling, try listening, and most of all, try communicating with your spouse.

If you decide to divorce, while the path is often not easy, it can be the wisest choice and lead you to a better place.

So what should you look for as you examine your marriage? Some signs that your marriage is in serious trouble include the following:

  • Lack of intimacy. Without the closeness that intimacy brings, your marriage is likely to result in termination.
  • Affairs. If either or both spouses are constantly involved with others, the marriage is in trouble.
  • Constant fighting. Are you or your spouse constantly hot under the collar? If you are raging over small issues, or if you find yourself shouting or dealing with constant criticism and harsh words that undermine you, your relationship is in trouble.
  • Physical abuse. If you or your spouse let your rage erupt into physical abuse, your marriage is in trouble. No one should be treated this way, nor should anyone tolerate such abusive behavior.

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