Is Yours a High-Conflict Divorce?

When your spouse asked to separate, you agreed. Because you have children, you urged your spouse to work through divorce collaboratively or through mediation. Seven months down the road, you feel stymied. Your spouse appears to have no interest in recognizing the issues and, worse yet, is making serious, unfounded accusations against you. What’s going on?

While it takes two people to marry, it only takes one to make a really bad divorce. As the largest family law firm on Long Island, our legal practice is made up of lawyers with extensive experience with high-conflict divorce, who understand that strong legal action is often required to protect your rights and your children.

High-conflict divorce is often characterized by the following factors:

  • Chronic inability of partners to communicate with each other on almost any issue
  • Children acting out because of the conflict they experience between their parents
  • Long-term use of the court system
  • Accumulation of excessive debt through legal fees
  • Distortion campaigns

High-conflict divorce is often fueled by a high-conflict personality. The dynamic for the conflict you face now was set up during your relationship and marriage. You’re probably familiar with the shortcomings of your spouse, but now they are being used against you — in a court of law.

If you believe you are dealing with a high-conflict personality, consider these suggestions:

  • Understand you may be committed to the legal system as long as your children are minors.
  • Retain aggressive, knowledgeable legal counsel willing to fight to a successful conclusion through what will likely be a divisive court case.
  • Get personal support for yourself and therapeutic help for your children.

Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C. offers authoritative legal representation to those suffering through high-conflict divorce. We understand these cases and we know how to help.

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