Issues That Often Arise in High-Profile Divorce Cases

What do Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, and Tiger Woods have in common? They all experienced the distress and pain of very high-profile, public divorces. While divorce is difficult for the average married couple, it is even more challenging for divorcing celebrities[CK1] .

The public is naturally curious about celebrities and intrigued with every detail of their private lives. So when celebrities go through messy divorces, the details quickly become fodder for entertainment news shows and tabloids.

Divorcing celebrities may also be tried in the court of public opinion and risk damage to their box office appeal, reputation, or brand image. Divorce lawyers and family law firms must be extremely sensitive to the special needs of high-profile clients going through divorce. It may be necessary for them to take unusual steps, including the following:

  • Coordinate legal proceedings with the agents and business managers of the celebrities
  • Deal with publicists, reporters, and paparazzi
  • Handle any public relations crisis and do damage control
  • Speak on behalf of the celebrities at press conferences

Celebrities also tend to have impressive incomes and estates, property in multiple states, and extremely valuable possessions that must be distributed between the spouses. And sadly, their children must endure the eyes of the world on the very public break-up of their parents.

Not everyone is a celebrity, but anyone going through a contentious divorce deserves knowledgeable, aggressive legal representation.



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