Lack of Family Support Cited as Top Cause of Divorces

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A survey conducted by Forbes magazine of more than 1,000 Americans during and after their divorces sheds light on the reasons why marriages break up and demonstrates that some things we commonly hear about divorce aren’t always true. For example, it is no longer the case that about half of marriages in this country end in divorce. Likewise, the notion that a divorce is usually the result of a mutual agreement between spouses is not borne out by the survey results. In fact, most initial filings are not made jointly, but by one party.

You might also be surprised by what was cited by respondents as the leading cause of divorce. More than 40 percent said the lack of family support is what broke down their relationship, even ranking ahead of infidelity and financial stress. Of course, lack of family support can mean many different things. Other aspects of the survey pointed to specific problems that contributed to that description, including: 

  • Failing to show interest in a partner — More things compete for our attention now than ever before. Unfortunately, many husbands and wives don’t prioritize communication with their partner or demonstrate interest in what’s important to them. 
  • Parenting differences — When mothers and fathers disagree over the best way to raise their children, one or both of them can feel like single parents. Without collaboration and compromise, conflicts over parenting become serious marital problems. 
  • Division of household labor — Even in families where both spouses work outside the home, it is often assumed that one will handle the majority of household labor and child care responsibilities. This frequently creates a rift that becomes more and more difficult to heal. 
  • Career choices — Balancing family life and a demanding career is always a challenge. The ability to work from home and be reachable at all times increases the likelihood that work duties will encroach on what is supposed to be family time. 

Whether a lack of family support or something else is the main driver behind your divorce, you can best protect your rights and interests by hiring a lawyer who can explain what to expect during the marriage dissolution process. 

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