Legal Issues When Your Underage Child is Pregnant

If your underage daughter becomes pregnant, there are understandably a lot of issues that will be significant stressors. Despite all of the emotions that you might be feeling upon hearing the news, it is important that you maintain a clear head and sit down with your daughter regarding all of the legal options that are available to her regarding her pregnancy.

The following is some important information that you should consider discussing with her:

  • New York abortion laws. If your underage child decides that she wants to have an abortion, you must understand that in the state of New York, your parental consent is not required for her to make that decision and obtain the procedure. Even if you disagree with your child’s decision, you cannot legally intervene. However, you can have an open discussion with your daughter to make sure that she understands the decision and that it is her intent to go forward with it.
  • Adoption considerations. If your child decides to give birth and give up the child, there are numerous adoption agencies with which you can place the child soon after birth. Your child should understand that this decision is not reversible and she will likely never be a part of the child’s life. There is also the option to allow the child to choose the parents that will adopt her child, which is likely to be more legally complicated but does offer greater control.
  • The father’s rights. The father of your daughter’s child may have certain rights that could add some legal complications. You may need to obtain the consent of the father before placing the child for adoption. If your child decides that she will raise the child, the father may be responsible for child support payments.

Work with a compassionate Long Island family law attorney with Bryan L. Salamone & Associates for information on more legal issues that you could face if your underage child is pregnant.

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