Mistakes That Could Hurt You During Appearances in Divorce Court

Mistakes That Could Hurt You During Appearances in Divorce Court

If you’re hoping to see a positive outcome in your divorce case, or at least come away from the divorce financially stable, it is important you present yourself well in court and follow the advice of your attorneys.

Below are some of the most common mistakes people make in divorce court that can end up haunting them:

  • Not hiring an attorney: This is the biggest mistake you can make in a divorce —especially if your case involves litigation. There are far too many important issues at stake for you to attempt to handle it all yourself.
  • Lack of preparation: If you do not have a good answer to a question a judge asks, he or she will be neither pleased nor impressed. Work with your attorney in advance of court appearances to go over all potential questions you might be asked.
  • Poor first impression: Whether you consider it fair or not, appearances matter in a courtroom setting. Inappropriate or unprofessional attire will make a poor first impression. You should also turn off your phone before walking into court, as having your ringtone go off during important proceedings will reflect poorly on you.
  • Interrupting the judge or other attorneys: Never interrupt anyone else in the courtroom. In fact, do not speak at all unless asked to do so. Leave the talking to your legal counsel.
  • Bad attitude: You should treat everyone in the court with respect, including the court clerk and other personnel in the court, beyond just the judge.

For more tips and guidance on how you can best prepare for success in your divorce court appearances, speak with a dedicated Long Island family law attorney at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates.

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