Model Emily Ratajkowski Toasts the Positive Aspects of Divorce

Woman Enjoys Sunset After Happy DivorceMost media portrayals treat the end of a celebrity’s marriage as a tragic event. Friends and strangers alike offer condolences as if the spouses have been stricken with some terrible disease. As someone who has been through a divorce herself, however, superstar model Emily Ratajkowski understands that ending a marriage that no longer works can be a positive turning point and might even something to celebrate.

In a conversation with her friend Tommy Dorfman, Ratajkowski said that she often replies “Good for you” when a friend says they are ending their marriage. Dorfman, who also has divorced her husband, agreed that it is best to move on when the situation is no longer working for you and your spouse. Of course, the way you handle the divorce process can be the key to whether you see your breakup as a new opportunity or the source of continuing misery. Steps you can take to achieve a successful divorce include:

  • Focus on what lies ahead — Using the marriage dissolution process to play the blame game does not benefit your legal case or your emotional well-being. Instead of going over each event that led to your divorce, concentrate on the opportunities to grow and enjoy yourself now that your marital problems are behind you.
  • Use your support system in a positive way — Sometimes, well-meaning friends and family members try to support someone going through a divorce by trashing their ex or lamenting how bad their situation is. In her exchange with Dorfman, Ratajkowski took the opposite approach, ending with the toast, “Cheers to divorce!” Though there always is some pain associated with divorce, spending time around people who take a positive approach is a great way to move forward.
  • Hire the right lawyer — Your divorce lawyer shouldn’t just pay attention to the language in the eventual dissolution order but should provide guidance that helps you start the next phase of your life with confidence. Decisions on how to proceed should be made in the knowledge of the potential benefits and fallout of each option.

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