New Year’s Resolution: Get a Divorce

In the last few years, there is a 60% increase in divorces in January in the month of December. January 4th is usually listed as “divorce day” when in truth, February 16th seem to be the true “D-day” or divorce day in any given year. This year should be different because of the new maintenance and (alimony) laws that will come into effect on January 23, 2016.

If you are going to get divorce 2016, contact our office well in advance of January 23, 2016 to discuss your rights and options in connection with the new sweeping revisions of New York State maintenance and equitable distribution award.

Psychologists believe that divorce spikes in January are a result of several factors. Traditionally, the stress of the holiday gatherings; expectations placed on others and placed on ourselves; together with increased contacted with loved ones and possibility of alcohol use and arguments cause more marital problems during the holiday time leading to divorce in January.

With respect to those who actually make a New Year’s resolution to divorce, publications newspaper articles and psychologists opine that it is the New Year’s resolution itself that causes the desire for a divorce. Many people look at their “year in review” and see others in social media and in real life enjoying different lives than they had planned for themselves. Others look forward to how their February is not filled with vacations, Valentines Day, and good times like many others. A lack of expectations together with the obvious routines that are seen in any year in review make ones lives seem either fulfilled or unfulfilled.

When making a New Year’s resolution to divorce be aware that there is no specific planning or steps that need to be taking. Many people waste time planning divorce; thinking about divorce; preparing list, line items and a plan of attack, when in reality, the divorce simply should be started. Most everybody who thinks they can “plan” for a divorce by reading books by professionals or articles on the internet are completely devastated and blown away by the actual divorce process and how their plans differ from reality. We have handled over 19,000 divorces in over 25 years. People who are writing books and articles on how to “plan for divorce” often do not do a 1,000 in the Supreme Court in the State of New York. If you would like to plan for divorce, plan on speaking with a New York divorce attorney. We offer free consultations in selective matters and we urge you to contact us well in advance of the enactment of the new law on January 23, 2016.

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