New Year’s Resolutions and Divorce

On the day after Christmas our office received 9 new cases.  Almost double what we receive each day.  The day after New Year’s, and the month thereafter we will receive far more than any other time of the year.

Before the reader starts to develop a "divorce is bad" attitude remember these maximums:
1- we have never divorced a happily married couple
2- over 95% of our cases are a direct result of 4 pervasive causes:
- the marriage has been unhappy for an extended period of time
- the marriage is unsafe
- the marriage is inappropriate
- the marriage is unhealthy

In addition to the above most every person waits far too long to commence the divorce process and we have seen life long psychological damages; financial damages and even death as a result of this delay.

An annual review of one’s life is an inventory that must be done if you care for yourself.  Hopefully your life review will lead you to strengthen your marriage and stop destructive attitudes and behaviors.  If not, a divorce may give you the ability to have a second life and the ability to pursue happiness.

Lastly, the gyms are flooded The day after New Year’s.  It is a double jeopardy for marriages as 1 in 15 married persons who work out at a gym without their spouse engage in extra marital adulterous or psychological affairs that will bring them to the divorce attorney by August.  

Please cherish each other and your families in this new year but if you are stuck in an unsafe; unhappy; inappropriate or unhealthy relationship, we are not marriage counselors... We are aggressive divorce attorneys who are ready to help you do something about it.  Call for a free consultation in 2015 or visit our website

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