New Year’s Resolutions to Make After a Divorce

New Year’s Resolutions to Make After a Divorce

If you went through a divorce this year, you’re probably not going to be too sad to say goodbye to the year 2017. Turning the calendar over can feel like the perfect time to make a fresh start. To that end, if you’ve had relationship woes this year, you might consider making a few New Year’s resolutions to get off to a healthy, happy start in 2018.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Treat yourself: It might feel a bit cliché, but there’s something to be said for making self-love a priority after you get out of a bad relationship. Embrace who you are and find ways to treat yourself every now and then.
  • Begin journaling: Recording your thoughts and feeling can be a great way to work through the complicated emotions you’ve had in your head. Therapists and counselors often recommend journaling to help people find relief from many of the negative emotions that are plaguing their lives.
  • Set financial goals: Coming out of a divorce, you may have much less money to work with in your monthly budget. Figure out the areas in which you can cut back so you can continue to save and invest in your future. To start, think of a financial goal you’d like to begin working toward that is a special treat (such as a trip to Europe). Then, develop a plan to reach that goal.
  • Set some important boundaries and milestones: Before plunging ahead into your new life, consider issues like when you think you’ll be ready to start dating again, what types of big life changes you should or should not make and the steps you can take to maintain a healthier lifestyle.
  • Do something new: Get involved in new clubs or organizations, take up a new sport, join a new gym or travel somewhere new. Embrace the fact that you have the flexibility to try new things — and even make new friends while doing it.

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