New York Divorce Statistics

It’s normal to feel isolated when you are facing the end of your marriage. The truth, however, is that you are far from alone. Tens of thousands of people go through divorce every year in New York State. With the help of an experienced domestic relations attorney, you can see the process through to a fair resolution and move on with your life. 

The New York State Department of Health collects statistics relating to divorce. The most recent numbers are for 2011: 

  • There were a total of 57,025 divorces in the state.
  • Slightly more than half of these involved marriages of less than 10 years’ duration.
  • At least 30,925 divorces took place in New York City, and 26,100 occurred in the rest of the state.
  • There were 2,613 divorces in Nassau County.
  • There were 3,468 divorces in Suffolk County.
  • There were 4,942 divorces in Queens.
  • Almost half of divorces statewide were on no-fault grounds.
  • Abandonment was the grounds in 20,081 divorces.
  • Cruelty was the grounds in 5,888 divorces.
  • Some 2,948 divorces occurred after a period of legal separation or separation by agreement.
  • Only 131 divorces were based on adultery.
  • About 42 percent of divorces involved at least one child. 

Hundreds of divorces take place in New York State every day. As experienced New York divorce attorneys, Bryan L. Salamone and his team are prepared to provide the support and counsel you need throughout the process.

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