Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

On Sunday, January 27, 2019, the view from St. Mary's Hospital for Children, in Bayside, N.Y. was literally spectacular. The young patients looked outside to see a convoy of superheroes and brightly colored Lamborghinis and Ferraris. What followed was surely a day to remember for the kids with medically complex conditions that the facility treats. TeamSalamone, a philanthropic automotive team dreamed up by top New York divorce lawyer and rally driver Bryan L. Salamone, showed up with a DJ, arts and crafts, and food. In short, a great time for all.

Attorney Salamone is known for his skill in the courtroom and his worldwide charity endeavors. He has also been featured in several documentaries, movies and the Netflix series Fastest Car. When he is not competing in international supercar road rallies, he uses these impressive vehicles for various charitable purposes, bringing awareness and money to such causes as stopping human trafficking and helping with issues affecting children.

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, part of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, provides an array of specialized in-patient and at-home services to pediatric patients dealing with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and many other conditions. It is funded largely through donations, such as those spurred by Bryan L. Salamone’s event.

When you think about it, superheroes don't always need to wear capes. Sometimes they show up in flashy cars, using their outlandish style to generate excitement for kids and their families after a week of medical procedures and consultations. And sometimes they wear scrubs, or even tiny hospital gowns.

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