Options Available for Enforcing Child Support Arrangements

Divorced parents in every state have an obligation to support their children. Parents who are not the primary custodians are therefore required to make child support payments to assist the custodial parent with all costs related to raising a child.

Once you establish a child custody agreement, it is a legally binding agreement. If the support-paying parent does not meet his or her obligations, a custodial parent could seek for help from an attorney and/or the local Office of Child Support Services. Delinquent parents could be forced to pay their child support in the following ways:

  • Wage deductions: In some situations, parents may request that the wages of the noncustodial parent be garnished. This means that child support payments are automatically taken out of his or her wages before they are even delivered.
  • Federal tax intercepts: The state is allowed to intercept tax refunds to pay off child support obligations.
  • License penalties: Delinquent parents could have their driver’s license or professional license suspended or revoked until they meet their child support obligations.
  • Passport penalties: Parents who do not pay child support could be prevented from renewing their passport, which in turn prevents them from leaving the country. This inconvenience can be enough to encourage them to pay off their debts.
  • Contempt of court: A parent who does not meet their child support obligations could be held in contempt of court. In severe cases, he or she may face jail time.

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