Parental Alienation

Divorce often leaves ex-spouses bitter and angry at each other. But if there are dependents under 18, divorce also leaves ex-spouses in a position where they must coparent their children.

This spirit of cooperation is especially critical when parents must share custody or respect the visitation rights of the other parent. But sometimes one parent cannot control his or her negative feelings towards the ex-spouse. If these bad feelings poison the relationship of the children with their other parent, we call this parental alienation[CK1] syndrome.

Courts frown upon this behavior, because destroying the parent-child relationship is definitely not in the best interests of the child. Parents who withhold visitation by the other parent could lose custody of their children. Parental alienation can take a variety of forms, including the following:

  • A derogatory comment or name-calling
  • Denying the other parent information about the health and education of the child
  • Shutting the other parent out of special events or activities in the life of the child
  • Making false allegations of neglect or abuse by the other parent

In cases where the other parent is inflicting harm on their children, such as neglect or abuse, a concerned parent can take legal action to ensure the safety and security of the child. When you need skilled legal help to aggressively fight against parental alienation or for full child custody, contact the divorce and family law firm of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C.


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