Preserving a Father’s Role

In decades past, a divorced man left behind his home, the better part of his paycheck, and the biggest part of his heart—his children. Times have changed somewhat. Increasing numbers of men today are interested in maintaining a stake in the life of their children after divorce.

The importance of preserving the role of a father in a post-divorce setting is clear. Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. has won numerous child custody trials in favor of fathers. We understand men want and need to stay connected to their children—daily—not just every other weekend.

Despite parenting resources that encourage parents to work together, children of divorce suffer when parents cannot make an agreement that supports parenting roles for both mom and dad. Children need their fathers to play a substantial role in their lives just as they did before divorce.

Children who experience divorce may see their father leave and not return. Or divorce may suddenly reduce access to dad, leaving children vulnerable to feeling abandoned and blaming themselves for the loss. For both genders, the fear and fault associated with losing either parent to divorce can cause a lifetime of emotional struggle.

Fathers provide a bridge to the world for their sons and daughters. While many courts still routinely award custody to mothers, times are changing. Do not give up. Hire attorneys with the experience and legal muscle to do the job right – and help you continue to play a key role in the lives of your children.

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