Prison Sex; Lies and an Alleged Murder Plot – Is Divorce Really That Bad

Over the years there have been dozens of murder for hire; murder for sexual favors; and murder by fraud or scheme to defraud perpetrated by a spouse who could have simply divorced their partner.

This was easier to understand prior to the enactment of the No Fault Divorce law in October 2010.  In October 2010 the New York State Legislative passed the no fault law. As a result, fault is not necessary anymore and anyone can get a divorce without claiming fault against the other spouse. 

Prior to October 2010 fault was required, a lengthy expensive process was the inevitability of a marriage going sour if one spouse was not agreeable to divorcing the other.  Murder plots are never palatable in any manner, however, it is beyond comprehension that one would even consider a murder plot when a marriage can be ended simply with a divorce action brought under the no fault divorce statute. 

It is our experience that over the years many clients have caused destruction to themselves and their spouse through physical and emotional abuse and even violence rather than get divorced.  Divorce used to carry a “stigma” that with some generations having a 70% divorce rate.  It is more the norm than a stigma.  It gavels the mind why someone would go to the lengths of hiring a contract killer or arranging for their spouse to be killed.  The answer to this question is best summarized by a famous Nassau County Judge (who will remain anonymous) who stated to us that there are three reasons for every divorce: (1) money; (2) money; and (3) money.  This must be the root of these cases.  However, even in the most newsworthy cases sometimes it is a very small amount of money or no money involved and spouses still go to great lengths to physically harm, intimidate or emotionally abuse their spouses.

Recently, a New York prison escape succeeded because it is alleged that Joyce Mitchell assisted the escape because she allegedly wanted her husband killed by the inmates.  See, (Kevin insert major news stories here).  Since both her and her husband worked in the prison system there does not seem there was great disparity of income and she still loved her husband.  Yet she was plotting his death.

Divorce is not a bad thing if one considers that no happy marriages end up in divorce.  Divorce often reduces the amount of misery a couple will endure prior to the actual divorce being granted.  Sometimes, it is only by facing the facts and having the courage to seek a no fault divorce that someone can spare themselves and their spouse wasted years; emotional and/or physical harm.

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