Privacy Concerns When Going Through a Divorce

Maintaining one’s privacy is not just a problem that affects divorcing celebrities — it may also be problematic for other high-profile people, including professionals and wealthy individuals.

When the details of divorce proceedings are publicly released, it can often damage the reputation and work lives of the parties involved for years to come, not to mention the impact on any children who may be involved. For these reasons, many people in this position seek to settle early in an attempt to avoid unwanted publicity or attention, but this may not always be an option.

A matter of public record

Keeping information away from the media or other unwanted groups can be a difficult proposition, especially when emotions are running high as they often do during a divorce. Sometimes the parties involved will release information in an attempt to gain a position of power, but this strategy often backfires as embarrassing and potentially damaging information comes to light.

What’s more, court proceedings are typically considered matters of public record, unless the records are sealed. It may be difficult to obtain such a seal and typically only certain portions of divorce filings are sealed rather than entire documents. In these cases, courts must make an assessment concerning the trade-offs of allowing public scrutiny versus the sensitivity of the information when they decide whether or not to seal proceedings.

Leaving privacy intact

Although New York and other states limit access to documents to litigants and counsel, leaks can and do occur. Those involved in these types of high-profile cases should never assume their information is fully protected. Taking a proactive stance to guard one’s privacy, and addressing any unwanted leakage of information, may be the best approach for high-profile individuals.

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