Quick Golden Bachelor Divorce Shows Even Older Couples Can Decide They’re Better off Single

Elder people divorce

No one is too old to fall in love. Likewise, no one is too old to realize shortly after getting married that they’ve made a mistake and would be happier being single again. Even in situations where one spouse bested other suitors for their partner’s hand in marriage, sometimes the relationship just does not work.

When “The Bachelor,” ABC’s long-running romance competitor reality show, announced that they were casting a season involving older contestants, it generated a great deal of excitement among viewers and fans. Millions watched as Theresa Nist beat out numerous other women to win the hand of Bachelor Gerry Turner. The wedding between the two 70-somethings after the season’s ending attracted another huge TV audience.

Unfortunately, love did not last between the grandparents and they announced their divorce approximately three months after the wedding. Many theories have been advanced as to why the couple broke up, but common factors for a second divorce include the following:

  • Difficulty merging separate lives — Some media reports have speculated that Nist, a New Jersey resident, and Turner, who lives in Indiana, both wanted to stay near their homes and loved ones. Even when spouses come from the same community, disagreements over daily routines and spending time with each one’s family members can harm a marital relationship. 
  • Experience with the process — While divorce might be not be pleasant, someone who has been through the marriage dissolution process before knows what to expect. Furthermore, older spouses who have not been married very long usually don’t have shared children and can separate their finances relatively easily.
  • Focus on enjoyment — Younger couples, especially those raising children, might stay in a marriage even though they know the relationship has broken down. People in their middle ages and beyond are more likely to concentrate on getting the most out of life and less likely to stay married due to parenting or financial concerns. 

No matter your age, the pain and stress associated with a marriage that is no longer working can overwhelm your life. A divorce might be the best way to find the happiness you’ve been missing.

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