Rap Legend Says Her Prenuptial Agreement Led to a Smooth Divorce

Prenuptial Agreement Can Lead to Smooth DivorceRumors about her divorce led renowned rapper MC Lyte to speak out on Instagram about the end of her marriage to John Wyche and why she’s thankful she signed a prenuptial agreement. Though prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are common among the rich and famous, few other celebrities have been as open about the significant, practical benefits they gained by settling financial arrangements before being wed.

Discussing her breakup and how she achieved a smooth financial landing, the iconic artist said, “If you have anything to protect going into a marriage, get a prenuptial agreement, so there’s no confusion if a comes to an end.” This is a good lesson for everybody, even if you don’t have a vast fortune and a musical portfolio at risk. By creating a fair, enforceable prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you can do the following:

  • Draw a clear line between separate property you owned prior to the marriage and assets that will go into the divisible marital estate.
  • Establish what type of alimony will be paid, if any, should the marriage end in divorce.
  • Maintain sole ownership of business or intellectual property interests accumulated through your talent and hard work.
  • Protect the financial well-being of children from previous relationships.
  • Set forth clear terms on property distribution so that you don’t feel tied to a failing marriage because you are unsure about possible economic hardship if you go your separate ways.
  • Minimize the expense and aggravation associated with the marriage dissolution process after the relationship has broken down.

MC Lyte said she felt compelled to address her divorce because there were untrue rumors that her split with Wyche was chaotic. On the contrary, she said, the divorce was not a battle and she wishes the best for her ex. This accord might be attributed to the sound premarital agreement developed by the couple. To quote MC Lyte, “Get a financial education and do what is in your power to protect what God has blessed you with.”

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