Receiving Divorced Spouse Social Security Benefits

Divorce places significant financial stress on separated parties. The old saying that two can live as cheaply as one is not too far from the mark. After a divorce, a couple divides everything and then must support two completely separate households.

One positive financial avenue that exists after divorce is that if you are a spouse who was a low earner, or who had no income at all, at some point you are likely to be able to collect Social Security benefits based on the earnings of your former spouse. Your receipt of benefits in this fashion does not affect the benefits of your former spouse, nor does it cost your ex anything.

You must meet the following requirements to collect a benefit based on the earnings of your eligible ex-spouse:

  • You were married for at least ten years and are at least 62 years old.
  • You do not remarry. Remarriage ends the benefits you receive from the earnings of your former spouse.
  • The amount you would receive on your own earnings is less than the amount you would receive under the spousal benefit.

If you had several marriages, you have the option to claim benefits from the highest earning spouse. If you have not accumulated enough credits to be eligible for Medicare, you may be able to secure these benefits based on the earnings of your ex-spouse.

Knowledgeable family law attorneys can assist you with all aspects of your divorce.

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