Risk Factors that Most Commonly Lead to Divorce

Risk Factors that Most Commonly Lead to Divorce

Researchers have performed numerous studies on the risk factors most likely to lead to divorce. Here are a few examples of some of the factors most commonly pinpointed in these studies.

  • Divorced parents: Studies indicate children of parents who got divorced are more likely to get divorced themselves than children whose parents stayed together.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol usage can be a factor in divorce, but not just alcoholism—studies show a discrepancy in alcohol habits between spouse can be a common factor in divorce, even if neither spouse is an alcoholic.
  • Age: Age at the time of marriage can be associated with an elevated risk factor for divorce. Specifically, people who get married in their teens or early 20s, or past their mid to late 30s, are more likely to get divorced than people who get married between their mid-20s and mid-30s.
  • Money spent on wedding: Several studies have shown that couples who spend more than $20,000 on their wedding are more than three times as likely to get divorced as people who spend between $5,000 and $10,000 on their weddings. Meanwhile, couples that spent less than $1,000 on their weddings were least likely to get divorced.
  • Lack of college education: People who do not complete a college education are much more likely to get divorced than people with a degree from an institute of higher learning.
  • Previous divorce: People who are on their second or third marriage are far more likely to get divorced again than people who have not yet been divorced.

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