Sneaky Tactics that Some Spouses Use During a Divorce

Sneaky Tactics that Some Spouses Use During a Divorce

Even if spouses shared many happy years together, the prospect of a divorce can trigger various types of secretive, dishonest behavior. Without the guidance of a qualified attorney, you might not be aware of your spouse’s sneaky tactics until it is too late to counter them. This could lead to unfair divorce terms relating to finances and parenting arrangements.

Some of the common sneaky tactics that divorcing husbands and wives use include:

  • Shady financial maneuvers — A husband or wife who is planning to leave could take steps to hide money or other assets away so that they are not included within the property to be divided upon a divorce. You should be vigilant about money that is disappearing from your account without explanation or changes to the amount of income your spouse brings to the household.
  • False statements to family and friends — Contentious divorces are fought on several fronts. The emotional burden of a breakup can become even more intense if friends and family members turn against you as well. Uncaring spouses might try to intimidate their partners or gain favor with mutual acquaintances by spreading lies about what happened in the marriage.
  • Manipulation of children — Trying to alienate a son or daughter from their other parent is cruel, but it does happen. If you suspect that your ex is saying things to manipulate your children, you should take immediate action, because what they say could affect custody and visitation terms.
  • Delaying tactics — With some cooperation and civility, most divorces can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. However, there might be situations were one party believes that they can gain an advantage by delaying the marriage dissolution process. This sometimes occurs when a higher-earning spouse believes the financial pressure on their husband or wife will compel them to surrender on key terms if enough time passes. A qualified attorney can assess whether procedural maneuvers are just an excuse to drag out the proceeding.

When you cannot trust your spouse with critical matters, you could be headed for a highly contested complex divorce.

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