Some Requirements for Obtaining a Divorce in New York

One of the reasons people stay together long after they should is fear of the divorce process. Do not let your fear of the unknown legalities of divorce prevent you from moving forward with your life in a more positive manner. Being trapped in an empty marriage is no way to live. The process of obtaining a divorce can seem daunting, but the fact is that many people have been able to navigate the process and so can you. A skilled family law attorney would be happy to explain the legal requirements involved in getting your divorce.

To obtain a divorce in New York, you must be able to show you fall within one of the following residency requirements:

  • Either of the parties to the divorce was a resident of New York for the period of two years before filing for divorce
  • You were married in New York, and either of you have lived in New York for one year before filing for divorce
  • Both of you lived together in the state and either of you lived there for a year before filing for divorce
  • The grounds for the divorce occurred in the state, and either of you lived in New York for a year before filing
  • The cause occurred in the state and both you and your spouse are New York State residents when you file for divorce

Experienced divorce attorneys know how to protect your best interests and put you on the best road towards the future

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