Some Steps to Take If You Are Considering Divorce

Once you are sure it is time to make a break with your spouse, you need to stay calm and plan a course of action that protects you and your finances. Some things that you should do include the following:

  • Gather your records. Things often grow heated once it becomes clear that divorce is going to occur. Assemble as many documents and papers as you can and store them somewhere safe. Perhaps you have a trusted friend or relative you can ask to guard them.
  • Inventory what is in your house. You might want to make a videotape of all the possessions in your home. In case things disappear, you will have a record of what was present.
  • Financials. Make copies of bank statements and pay stubs. Copy tax returns for the past few years. If pension information is available, copy that as well.
  • Start cutting expenses. Divorce can be costly. It is wise to start trimming your budget where you can. To the extent that you can close joint accounts, it may be wise to do so. You should open a credit card in your own name.
  • Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer will be able to tell you how to protect and preserve your assets. Changing beneficiaries on retirement accounts and insurance policies can be discussed.

Our divorce attorneys are ready to immediately begin protecting your assets, property, and your relationship with your children.

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