Summertime Blues: Co-Parenting When School is Out

As summer comes on, so do challenges for parents who share custody during the summer.

Working out a parenting time plan is required for parents of minor children in New York. A parenting plan includes details on how time with children is shared when school is out.

Summer parenting arrangements can be court-ordered or created between amicable parents over time. In any case, good communication is key to making good memories with children over the summer.

This year, consider these tips for staying cool when issues with a co-parent heat up:

  • Remember the children: Most children look forward all year to summer vacation. Try to keep their best interests in mind as you work with the other parent to schedule the summer.
  • Plan ahead: No parent appreciates a short-notice phone call or text concerning an event—and most parenting time plans do not permit them. As soon as you have your summer plans in mind, speak and coordinate with the other parent.
  • Family plans: If your family traditionally spent time at a summer home or particular destination, work with your ex-spouse to decide how that could be handled after divorce. Should new traditions be made, old ones honored or somewhere in between?
  • Ask your children: Even children of intact families change their minds about what they want to do from summer to summer. Before you plan to send your kids to an away camp or sign them up for another activity, ask children who are old enough for their opinions.

If your co-parent persistently ignores the schedule or creates parenting havoc, speak with experienced legal counsel to support your custodial rights in New York. Call me at Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C.

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