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Would a New York Court Enforce an Adultery Penalty in a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements can be effective instruments for prospective spouses who want to safeguard their assets and avoid costly conflict if they decide to divorce at some point. New York generally enforces premarital agreements addressing property division and child support terms. However, a document could be thrown out if a spouse’s assent was secured through fraud… Read More »

Can You Subpoena a Mistress in a Divorce Case?

One of the more common fault-based grounds for divorce is adultery. A spouse having an affair is certainly good reason to call a marriage quits. But let’s say you discover your husband is having an affair and you know the name of the other woman — are you able to subpoena her to come to… Read More »

Enormous Fallout from Ashley Madison Website Hack

The hits just keep on coming in the wake of the hack on Ashley Madison, the Canadian website for extramarital affairs. Reportedly, hackers seized personal identifying information on 32 million site members, creating a worldwide panic over the prospects of exposure. Toronto police have confirmed cases of extortion as criminals attempt to capitalize on leaks…. Read More »