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What is an Amicable Divorce?

Many divorces are characterized by hatred and vitriol. In the worst cases, spouses will get caught up in the fight and focus on winning petty battles rather than achieving a fair resolution that allows everyone to move forward. Sometimes, parents even try to undermine or poison the relationship between their children and the other spouse… Read More »

Affordable Divorce Alternatives

Amicable out of Court Agreements with Legal Counsel Divorce is ugly, expensive, and time-consuming. Everybody seems to view this as a universal truth. Many seek out mediation, collaborative law, or otherwise remain married for fear of the divorce process itself. The divorce process itself is not the problem. It is how people are conducting themselves… Read More »

Amicable Divorce: Sometimes it Happens

Hollywood celebrity divorce — three words that guarantee must-see headlines and furtive pictures by the paparazzi. Recently, one celebrity couple took the high road during their divorce. Best known for playing the role of Rose in Two and a Half Men, Melanie Lynskey married actor Jimmi Simpson in 2007. The couple met on a television… Read More »