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Separate Bank Accounts is Not a Method for Protecting Assets in a Divorce

More married couples today are opting to forego getting joint bank accounts to keep their finances separate after marriage. There are plenty of pros and cons to either approach, however it is important to note that if your marriage ends in divorce, having separate bank accounts will not protect the assets you place in them,… Read More »

What to Do If You and Your Spouse Cannot Agree on Asset Distribution

Asset distribution can quickly become a point of contention during divorce settlement negotiations. It is typically in the best interest of both spouses to keep the issue out of the courts and reach an agreement on their own — but this is not always an easy process. So, what should you do if you and… Read More »

What to Know About Equitable Distribution in New York

In New York, the standard for divorcing couples is that their property will be divided in an equitable manner. Note that this does not necessarily mean an equal division, but instead a fair one. When making decisions regarding asset distribution, courts will consider what each spouse brought to the marriage and what each will need… Read More »