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Does the Husband Always Have to Pay for the Legal Fees in a Divorce?

One of the common misconceptions heard from divorce litigants is the notion that husbands are required to pay all the legal fees. In reality, New York law is gender neutral. The court can require one spouse to cover some or all of the other’s attorney’s fees or can require each spouse to pay their own…. Read More »

Attorney Fees in Matrimonial Cases

It is illegal to prosecute a divorce based upon a contingency fee. Indeed, many times clients have told us, “Isn’t my husband responsible for our fees?” In some cases we hear, “Isn’t my wife responsible for my attorney fees?” Domestic Relations Law has been updated as of October 2010 and April 2011 and codified to… Read More »

What Will This Cost Me?

If a family law attorney says he or she can handle your divorce fast, and on the cheap, you found the wrong attorney. Divorce is considered one of the most stressful and momentous events in life. Decisions made and actions taken during divorce dictate your future—and that of your children. Never shortchange long-term prospects by… Read More »