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How Does Job Loss Affect Child Support?

Losing a job can be an extremely stressful, emotionally trying experience, especially if you have custody or your children or pay child support. If you are responsible for paying child support and have recently become unemployed, you may be wondering how you will meet your support responsibility. Here’s an overview of what you should know…. Read More »

How Does Living With a Significant Other Affect Child Support?

All parents are required by federal law to financially support their children after divorce, whether or not they reside with their children. You might wonder what happens if, after your divorce, you get into another relationship and decide to take that relationship to the next stage by moving in together. How will this affect your… Read More »

Seeking Retroactive Child Support

Parents often go back to court to modify child support arrangements, but what happens if you never had an arrangement in place? In some situations, you might be eligible to receive retroactive child support. Retroactive child support is payments that are made to go back and make up for payments that were never made in… Read More »