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The Cost of Divorce at an Older Age

In general, the longer you have been together as a married couple, the more assets you have collected and the more expensive and drawn-out the divorce process will be. In addition, recovering financially from your divorce before your retirement can be more difficult, considering how close you are to your retirement age. According to Pew… Read More »

Tips for Keeping Your Divorce Relatively Inexpensive

In addition to being stressful for a variety of reasons, divorce can be an expensive process. Between the legal fees, property division, debt responsibilities and other costs, it’s possible you will come away from your divorce with some work to do in terms of rebuilding your financial health and stability. However, there are some tactics… Read More »

A Rundown of the Costs Associated with Divorce

It is impossible to know exactly how much an average divorce will cost ahead of time, as each divorce is unique. However, you can at least get an idea of the factors that will go into determining the overall financial impact of the divorce. The following are a few of those factors: Your relationship with… Read More »