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How Can Divorce Affect Your Credit Score?

Many people suffer damage to their credit score after going through a divorce, but it is not the divorce itself that causes that damage. What exactly does cause a dip in credit among some divorcees? Below is a quick overview. Financial troubles after a divorce The process of getting a divorce has no influence on… Read More »

Tips for Achieving Financial Success During, After a Divorce

While planning for your divorce might seem like a daunting and unappealing process, it is important to prepare yourself for the process you are about to go through and what lies beyond it. Specifically, sound financial planning can help you avoid some of the challenges divorced people tend to face. Below are a few tips… Read More »

Consider Your Credit Situation When Getting a Divorce

The first few steps of a divorce are possibly the most emotional and stressful of the entire process because it is all so new and confusing. However, it is also the most critical time to get yourself organized so you can get a favorable settlement and come out of your divorce in a financially sound… Read More »