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Tips for Handling a Divorce in Your 20s

Going through a divorce can be difficult at any age. For couples who end a marriage while in their 20, however, it may be especially challenging. Here are some helpful tips if this is the situation in which you find yourself: Delay dating until your divorce is final: Even though friends may want to help… Read More »

Research Shows Marriage in Late-20s Reduces Divorce Risk

A recent analysis of research from a sociologist at the University of Utah found that couples are less likely to divorce when they enter into a marriage in their late 20s rather than earlier in life. The researcher, Nicholas Wolfinger, stated that individuals’ risk of divorce gradually declines from when they are teenagers through their… Read More »

Strategies for Planning Your Post-Divorce Finances

While married, couples usually build financial stability and long-term savings goals together, but when your partner is no longer in the picture, you may need to reassess your finances entirely.   If you are going through a divorce, consider the following strategies to help with post-settlement financial security: Maintain awareness of your financial situation. As… Read More »

What Happens to Frozen Embryos After a Divorce?

When a couple cannot conceive naturally, they may elect to go through the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF). Although this process may provide a couple with the ability to have a child when they are together, treatment of the frozen embryos may become complicated when a couple divorces. This month, a divorcing couple made… Read More »

How to Determine if Mediation is Best for Your Divorce

Mediation is an increasingly used method of divorce that allows couples to work together to arrive at a mutual agreement on how to settle issues related to their divorce. In mediation, you typically work with one legal professional, who guides your decisions and turns agreements into a binding settlement. When mediation may be beneficial Mediation… Read More »

What to Know About Alimony When Going Through a Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, you will want to be aware of how alimony will be determined, and how these decisions will impact your finances after your divorce ends. Alimony is a form of spousal support that is paid by one member of a divorced couple to the other. Decisions concerning who pays… Read More »

What Does the ‘Best Interest’ Standard Mean for New York Parents?

If you and your spouse have children and are going through a divorce, it is important to know about the “best interests” standard and how it will impact your proceedings. When parents cannot agree on child custody terms, a court may have to use the best interest standard to determine which parent receives primary custody…. Read More »

Anticipating Divorce: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself

If you believe you will be entering into a divorce with your spouse in the near future, it is important to take all necessary steps to protect yourself, your children and your assets. Through the following five tips, you can be better prepared for when you or your partner file for divorce. Become an expert… Read More »

What You Should Know About Child Visitation Rights

When a couple going through a divorce has children, a family law court may need to get involved in decisions regarding child custody and child visitation rights. In a divorce, these two issues are typically determined at the same time. In some divorce proceedings, it is determined that it is in the child’s best interest… Read More »

What Qualifies as Grounds for Divorce in New York?

The state of New York allows residents to divorce their spouse through either a no-fault or fault-based divorce. If you are aiming to get a divorce in New York, it can be helpful to understand how no-fault divorce laws affect your situation and what possible grounds for divorce you may use. No-fault divorce In 2010,… Read More »