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Tips to Help You Get Through Your Divorce Deposition

Unless you settle your divorce case extremely quickly, there’s a decent chance you will have to go to a deposition, to be scheduled by your spouse’s attorney. During a deposition the attorney will ask you a series of questions, which will have been agreed to by you and your attorney. A court reporter will place… Read More »

Do You Have to Answer Every Question at a Divorce Deposition?

At a divorce deposition, the other party’s attorney will be given the chance to ask you questions on a wide variety of subjects related to your divorce. These topics could include your overall health, your employment history, your fidelity during the marriage, any debts or assets you own and anything else that could factor into… Read More »

What to Expect as a Witness in a Divorce Deposition

Divorce depositions, like those associated with most other civil cases, involve parties making sworn statements about certain elements of the case in question. This could include information on finances, assets or a variety of other issues. In some situations, third-party witnesses might get called in to be deposed, as well. Attorneys representing either spouse could… Read More »