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Five Ways to Jeopardize Your Custody & Visitation Rights

Custody battles are heart-wrenching because they involve innocent victims — the children. As a family law attorney, I see bitter parents trying to use custody and visitations as weapons. Ultimately, these tactics can backfire. Here are some key mistakes: Interfering with visitation. Whether you repeatedly show up late for visitation exchanges or miss them completely,… Read More »

Economic Woes Create Demand for Decree Modification

As time passes and circumstances change, some aspects of your final divorce decree can be amended by a petition to modify the original terms. As a divorce lawyer, I can confirm that modifications are common in today’s challenging economic times. A divorced spouse who experiences an income loss or reduction of at least 15 percent,… Read More »

Cruising Can Mean Losing in Divorce Negotiations

When you’re going through a divorce, your reputation and how you represent yourself in the online world matters. As a family law attorney, I can tell you that careless posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites can be costly in everything from your divorce settlement to your child custody agreement. Dating sites… Read More »

Standing Up for Your Custody Rights

You always serve your interests best in a divorce by arriving at a mutually agreeable settlement for important issues like child custody. But, as the leading family law firm in Nassau, Queens and Suffolk Counties, we know that mutually agreeable may be a foreign concept to some contentious couples and that the case could end… Read More »

Maintaining Health Care Coverage After Divorce

If you and your children are covered by your spouse’s health insurance plan and you’re contemplating divorce, the time to consider how you will be covered after divorce is now. Every year, 115,000 American women lose their health insurance after divorce, according to a University of Michigan study. Moderate-income women are most affected, since they… Read More »

Challenging a Prenuptial Agreement During Your Divorce

You were sincere when you said, “till death do us part,” so the prenuptial agreement you were asked to sign may have felt more like a formality than a legal contract. Now that you are divorcing, you may realize that you should never have agreed to the inequitable terms. However, you have options. You can… Read More »

Some Steps to Take If You Are Considering Divorce

Once you are sure it is time to make a break with your spouse, you need to stay calm and plan a course of action that protects you and your finances. Some things that you should do include the following: Gather your records. Things often grow heated once it becomes clear that divorce is going… Read More »

Bryan L. Salamone, Esq. Questioned on Red Carpet at Premiere of New Film

Recently, I attended the premiere of The Five Year Engagement at the Tribeca Film Festival. After enjoying the movie, I was asked by the press for my opinion. My response was, “Firstly, I absolutely loved this hilarious romantic comedy.” However, as a divorce lawyer who has seen it all, I couldn’t help but add, “Five… Read More »

False Accusations of Abuse During Divorce

In some particularly contentious divorces, it is all too common for one spouse to make false allegations of abuse in order to gain an upper hand. The presence of abuse by one spouse can have a huge impact on divorce litigation, especially insofar as determining custody of minor children, and can lead to criminal charges… Read More »