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When Does Child Support End in the State of New York? Answer: 21

There are exceptions to this such as when a child enters the military service after the age of 18; dies; and/or gets married. Nevertheless, New York is the last state with child support through the age of 18. There are also cases of emancipation. We have prevailed in both the Local and Appellate Courts in… Read More »

Emancipation v. Child Support: Who Decides?

For some parents, a difficult relationship with their child translates to refusal by the child to exercise parenting time with that adult. Is it okay to refuse to pay child support if your child refuses to see you? The quick answer is no, you may not ignore an order to pay child support until a… Read More »

Emancipation of a Minor in New York: What You Need to Know

What is emancipation? Emancipation is the concept of a minor-aged child leaving his or her parents’ custody (either voluntarily or forcibly) and living independently. New York has no official emancipation statute, nor does the state provide a specific order of emancipation to emancipated minors. However, courts are likely to recognize your emancipation as a minor… Read More »