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Honey…I Got a Job, Can We Get Divorced?

Despite the ongoing instability of the federal government, small economic improvements are taking hold in communities across New York and the United States. If household incomes increase, is it likely the divorce rate is going up, too? In 2012, the Pew Research Center suggested trends occur during recessionary times, including: Tendency for a drop in… Read More »

Money Arguments Figure Highly in Divorce

As members of the largest family law practice on Long Island, our attorneys work daily to settle disagreements between divorcing spouses about money and assets. A study from Kansas State University suggests that the tendency of spouses to disagree over money may start them down the path toward divorce.  Everyone knows money troubles make for… Read More »

Second Time Around: What About a Prenuptial Agreement?

In a marriage without a prenuptial agreement, the assets and liabilities of divorcing couples are split equitably. If you’re considering a second marriage, you should consider a prenuptial agreement to protect your financial well-being. While the divorce rate is high for first-time couples, it’s even higher for those who marry a second or third time…. Read More »