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Property Agreements: Make Sure You Mean It

As one New York man found out recently, it is important to stick to agreements made during divorce.  New York follows a rule of equitable distribution when weighing division of assets and property during a divorce. When couples come to agreements through negotiation or mediation, the court need not be involved. This case springs from… Read More »

Biting the Hand: Property Settlement Reduced for Trash Talk

A New York woman saw her divorce settlement reduced for repeatedly attacking the reputation of her estranged husband in the media and around town.  Married for almost 20 years, Ira and Janice Schacter engaged in a bitter divorce for seven years. Remarking on the actions of both parties, New York Supreme Court justice, Laura E…. Read More »

Common Sense: Protracted Litigation Leads to Heavy Legal Fees

It is no secret that divorce litigation costs time, emotional energy and money. In New York, attorney fees in divorce matters can run anywhere from $150 an hour to more than $800 depending on experience and case complexity. In many cases, the higher monied spouse bears the cost of legal fees, but in a recent… Read More »