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Why Do Divorce Waiting Periods Exist?

If you want to get divorced, you can’t go out and make it happen that day—there are mandatory waiting periods in place that you’ll have to weather before you’re able to make it official. But why do these waiting periods exist? Here are a few of the biggest reasons: Possibility of reconciliation: Many states with… Read More »

Can Unpaid Child Support Come from My Former Spouse’s Social Security?

One question you might have as you go through the divorce process is whether you are able to garnish your former spouse’s Social Security payments to collect unpaid child support. The answer to this question depends primarily on the type of Social Security benefits your former spouse receives. You cannot collect unpaid child support from… Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions to Make After a Divorce

If you went through a divorce this year, you’re probably not going to be too sad to say goodbye to the year 2017. Turning the calendar over can feel like the perfect time to make a fresh start. To that end, if you’ve had relationship woes this year, you might consider making a few New… Read More »

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

Deciding to end your marriage is never easy. As you go through the emotionally and logistically difficult process, it is important to have an attorney who can support you on many different levels. First, you should focus on finding an attorney who is compatible with you. You should always feel comfortable speaking with your lawyer,… Read More »

Four Tips to Help Your Own Divorce Case

After the conclusion of a divorce, many people think about what they could have done differently. In hindsight, it is easier to see how you might have helped your case.  If a divorce is in your future, consider these tips now to help yourself at the outset of your divorce:  Try to keep your emotions… Read More »

Celebrity Divorce: Trying to Uncouple Consciously

Recently, a celebrity couple famously announced their preferred method of divorce is conscious uncoupling. The media watches this divorce as it unfolds.  Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and musician Chris Martin announced their separation in a now well-known blog statement about conscious uncoupling. From their statement and the essay that follows it, the couple seems intent on… Read More »

Property Agreements: Make Sure You Mean It

As one New York man found out recently, it is important to stick to agreements made during divorce.  New York follows a rule of equitable distribution when weighing division of assets and property during a divorce. When couples come to agreements through negotiation or mediation, the court need not be involved. This case springs from… Read More »

Biting the Hand: Property Settlement Reduced for Trash Talk

A New York woman saw her divorce settlement reduced for repeatedly attacking the reputation of her estranged husband in the media and around town.  Married for almost 20 years, Ira and Janice Schacter engaged in a bitter divorce for seven years. Remarking on the actions of both parties, New York Supreme Court justice, Laura E…. Read More »

Uncontested Divorce: Are You Sure?

Amicable partings do not always lead to an uncontested divorce.  In New York, an uncontested divorce is possible when both parties agree to all issues or one party fails to respond to the proceeding. It is common for couples with no children and few assets in a marriage of relatively short duration to end their… Read More »

Unique Legal Perspective Affecting Donald Sterling, Ms. V. Stiviano, and Rochelle Sterling

Mr. Sterling known to be the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is accused of making racial comments in tapes allegedly created by his girlfriend. The octogenarian has a woman less than half his age named, V. Stiviano. Ms. Stiviano denies leaking the tapes however she reported taped Mr. Sterling making the remarks that are… Read More »