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Bankruptcy and Divorce: What to Know

Divorce can be an expensive process, adding to the stress you already face from its emotional impact. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and for divorce, there are several things you should know: Don’t file for them both at the same time: It’s enough to have either a bankruptcy filing or a divorce to… Read More »

Prenuptial Agreements Have Become a Staple of Millennial Marriages

Recent surveys of family law attorneys indicate prenuptial agreements (prenups) have become increasingly popular among millennials in recent years. One big reason for this trend is that millennials are getting married older, on average, than previous generations, meaning they’re coming into marriage with more assets. However, perhaps the biggest factor is the massive debt weighing… Read More »

Consider Your Credit Situation When Getting a Divorce

The first few steps of a divorce are possibly the most emotional and stressful of the entire process because it is all so new and confusing. However, it is also the most critical time to get yourself organized so you can get a favorable settlement and come out of your divorce in a financially sound… Read More »