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How Can You Keep Most of Your Pension in a New York Divorce?

After you’ve spent years contributing to your pension, the possibility of losing half of it to your ex during a divorce may seem a bitter pill to swallow. But a pension is considered marital property in New York and thus subject to equitable distribution, so relinquishing part of your pension is nearly unavoidable. Equitable means… Read More »

Your Spouse Cheated: Can You Get More Alimony or Property in the Divorce?

The short answer is yes, there is a way. However, successfully using evidence of an affair to obtain a favorable property or alimony award is rare. Our firm has achieved many positive results in this area but certain factors must exist in order to influence a court’s decision. New York judges are not allowed to… Read More »

When Assets Go to Waste

Which of these examples would be considered marital waste? Upon being asked for a divorce, a spouse goes on a spending spree, running up the balance on jointly held credit cards. Throughout the marriage, a spouse drinks to excess and gambles away the proceeds of an investment account held by the couple. A couple separates… Read More »