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I Lost My Job. Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

Your legal responsibility to support your minor-aged child financially remains in effect, even if you are laid off or lose your job. If you are not your child’s primary custodial parent, you likely have regular child support payments due to your ex. If you become unable to meet your monthly obligation, you should notify your… Read More »

L.A. vs. F.S. (Bryan L. Salamone & Associates Obtains Child Support for Client Based on Three Times the Income Reported by Her Husband)

By decision of the Family Court of the County of Suffolk dated May 30, 2013, a mother received child support three times the income reported by her husband. Through cross examination and introduction of subpoenaed records Mr. Salamone was able to show that Mr. S (father of three) should be paying based upon $90,000.00 and… Read More »