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High Asset Divorce: Holding on to the Family Business

When high net worth couples divorce, the stakes are high. A recent ruling in Oklahoma allowed the 76th richest person in the world to hold on to a majority stake in his business.  Harold Hamm may not be a household name, but his company, Continental Resources produces ten percent of the U.S. oil output. Worth… Read More »

Dealing with Debt at Divorce

Divorce calls for couples to divide their property during divorce. It also requires division of debt.  Research suggests disagreements about money are the leading predictor of divorce in the United States. Arguments about money can sour a marriage and make divorce difficult. When money is an issue during marriage, debt is oftentimes involved.  Common forms… Read More »

Does Cohabitation Before Marriage Cause Divorce? Short Answer: No

It is inevitable that people wonder how and why their marriage soured. Couples who lived together prior to marriage can breathe a sigh of relief—it did not cause your divorce.  In recent decades, the rate of cohabitation in the United States has risen approximately 900 percent. A recent study published in the Journal of Marriage… Read More »

Financial Fear During Divorce

Fear of a compromised financial future is common during divorce. Understanding the fear—and knowing what to do about it—is essential.  Because of the requirement to divide debt and assets during divorce, couples of all ages are concerned about getting their fair share. For individuals closer to retirement, the need is more urgent with fewer years… Read More »

On Appeal: Tax Fraud and Fairness

In a Supreme Court, Queens County matter, a recent ruling on an appeal was problematic for a wife who made contradictory claims about her marital estate.  In Morille-Hinds v Hinds, the judge was confronted with a couple who admittedly underreported their income on their tax returns. Throughout the marriage, the couple did not report the… Read More »

Heading for Divorce: Three Tips To Consider

It is easy to make small mistakes that have a big impact during divorce. When thinking about divorce, skilled legal counsel helps you anticipate problems that could dim a bright post-divorce future.  Bryan L. Salamone and Associates, P.C. is the largest family law firm in Long Island. Our collective experience helps you make the legal… Read More »

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton: Blurred Lines

Singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton face an uncertain marital future in light of media revelations about the questionable behavior of Mr. Thicke. Celebrity or not, most marriage relationships are strained when evidence that suggests infidelity surfaces.  Last August, a raunchy stage performance between Twerking queen Miley Cyrus and Mr. Thicke raised more than… Read More »

Professional Degrees as Property in a Divorce

When a spouse earns a professional degree or license during a marriage, that spouse’s increased earning potential is marital property subject to equitable distribution in New York. Experience has shown, however, that the principle is far easier to articulate than to execute. Consequently, recent reform efforts are aimed at eliminating that section of the law…. Read More »

What Should I Bring When Meeting With a Divorce Lawyer for the First Time?

As you consider potential attorneys to represent you in your divorce, you’ll sit down with each candidate for an initial consultation. These meetings are very important, as they give you an idea of the way an attorney works, what he or she thinks of your case and how qualified he or she is to handle… Read More »