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Tips for Dating After Divorce

Your divorce is finally over and the possibility of meeting someone new actually sounds appealing. How do you navigate the journey back into a social life?  Our firm provides strong, experienced legal representation to clients moving from marriage to being single again. We understand the emotional roadblocks our clients face in remembering who they are,… Read More »

I Lost My Job. Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

Your legal responsibility to support your minor-aged child financially remains in effect, even if you are laid off or lose your job. If you are not your child’s primary custodial parent, you likely have regular child support payments due to your ex. If you become unable to meet your monthly obligation, you should notify your… Read More »

Divorced Men Move on More Quickly than Divorced Women – Part 2

The spouse that starts the divorce is the plaintiff prosecuting the case. As the plaintiff, he or she controls the speed, direction, and duration of the case. In addition, if a trial is necessary, the plaintiff prosecutes and goes first. It is clearly the preferential position. As divorce lawyers, we are most comfortable being in… Read More »