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Reasons You Might Want a Postnuptial Agreement

Negotiating a prenuptial agreement has become an increasingly common part of the pre-wedding process. More than ever, both parties go into a marriage with substantial financial assets that they want to preserve in the event of a divorce. And while prospective spouses never plan to break up, the stigma associated with divorce has lessened over… Read More »

Criteria for a Legally Binding Postnuptial Agreement

You have likely heard of a prenuptial agreement—a contract people enter into before they get married that outlines many issues related to the marriage, including property division and responsibilities should the marriage end in divorce. However, not as many people are familiar with postnuptial agreements, which have similar benefits and functions but are created and… Read More »

After the Fact: Postnuptial Agreements

Most people understand the need to protect separate financial assets with a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. But what about after wedding bells ring? A postnuptial agreement safeguards financial security — and sometimes the harmony of a marriage. Prenuptial agreements are reviewed and executed prior to a wedding. After the marriage, postnuptial agreements come into… Read More »