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Why Couples Choose Prenuptial Agreements

For many, prenuptial agreements may seem like only something that celebrities choose to enter into to protect their wealth. However, prenuptial agreements offer concrete benefits to many couples, regardless of their financial status. The following are several reasons why couples opt to take this route: Gives you control: With a prenuptial agreement in place, you… Read More »

Will You Need to Sell Your Home in Your Divorce?

Although you don’t necessarily have to sell your home after you go through a divorce, it is certainly a common occurrence. Most people that do sell their homes after divorce do so for one of the following reasons:  They can no longer afford the mortgage payments on the home because of the terms of their… Read More »

Court Upholds Oral Agreement between Unmarried Partners

It is common story. Two people in a relationship each enjoy a career, and the attendant earnings and benefits, until children are born. One partner quits work to care for the children and home on the understanding that the income and benefits of the working partner will be shared. If the couple is married, state… Read More »

Celebrities Who Should Have Created Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is forever. However, when it lasts a few decades, a few years, a few months, or in some cases, a few days, the division of property and assets can sting—especially if one spouse earned significantly more than the other. A prenuptial agreement can protect a soon-to-be bride or groom from losing a hefty sum… Read More »