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Keeping a House After a Divorce Has Become More Feasible

Financial advisors in an average divorce case will frequently recommend against keeping the family home after the divorce. In many cases, it will be too much of a burden financially for one spouse to continue keeping up with all the costs of home ownership on just one income. In recent years, however, holding on to… Read More »

Tips for Gathering Information During the Divorce Discovery Process

The discovery process in a divorce is when both spouses gather and produce documents that will affect the divorce. Below is a quick overview of some categories of documents you can expect to be asked to produce. Bank documents: You will likely be asked for at least three years’ worth of statements from your financial… Read More »

Who’s Your Divorce Lawyer?

For over 25 years I’ve been practicing divorce in Long Island and it amazes me that grown men and women hand moderately complex cases to attorneys who are less accomplished than the client. Owners of small businesses hire attorneys who have no real experience in business; finances; real estate and the long-term effects of the… Read More »