Team Salamone and Camp Sundown Work Together to Help Children with Ultra-Rare Disease

Camp Sundown is a special camp for children that suffer from life-threatening UV-sensitivity diseases.  One of these diseases is called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP).  People that suffer from XP are extremely sensitive to ultra-violent light and must avoid sunlight or they will suffer from third-degree burns and a high risk of skin and eye cancers.  There is currently no cure for XP and there is not much research and development for a cure since it is such a rare disease.  There are only several hundred recorded cases of XP in the United States today.

Children that suffer from XP are unable to live an ordinary life.  This is where Camp Sundown comes in.  Camp Sundown offers nighttime activities for their campers since they are unable to be active outside while the sun is out.  Some of the activities available at Camp Sundown include swimming, horseback riding, go-karting and many more.  Camp Sundown is entirely funded by donators and it heavily relies on donations to continue providing its services for children with XP and other related diseases.  Camp Sundown exists to provide children with these rare diseases an opportunity to enjoy their life and interact with other children by doing normal activities at night, while most children their age would be sleeping.

Alan Wilzig is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, semi-professional race car driver, and restaurateur.  He was formerly CEO, president and chairman of the Trust Company of New Jersey.  Wilzig is also one of Camp Sundown’s top donators.  Wilzig hosted a charity event at Wilzig Manor with the purpose of raising money for Camp Sundown.  Wilzig Manor is the largest privately owned racetrack which was created by the efforts of Wilzig himself.

In attendance at the Wilzig Manor charity event was over $10 million worth of supercars.  Also in attendance was the Team Salamone charity rally team, owned by well-known and successful divorce attorney Bryan L. Salamone.  Salamone is globally known for his charity efforts and philanthropy.  Salamone stated “Camp Sundown is about bringing regular activities and fun to children who are deprived of engaging in these activities as a result of their condition.”  Salamone then went on to say “It is a special privilege to see funds being donated for such a rare disease.  Pharmaceutical companies will not give this disease or the children affected by it the research doctors require for a cure.”

The money raised by donations at the Wilzig Manor event will help provide children with XP and other related diseases at Camp Sundown with the opportunity to enjoy their life, meet life-long friends, and enjoy daytime activities without life threatening sunlight.

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